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Notes on People who interacted with Monash:

Staff, Clients, etc, are listed on a separate page.

Compilation of this list has revealed some anomalies in my research notes and elsewhere that need to be double-checked. Mr Kemter of Billing Peck & Kemter appears in places as Kempter (as he does in some other web sites). One RCMPC memo refers to a Mr Kempton, who was probably Kemper/Kempter. I have settled for Kemper. There is a Sidney Jackman and a Syd Jackman. At least part of the confusion is due to RCMPC's laxity with names. In order to make the bulk of the information immediately available, I have left these and similar anomalies pending further investigation.

Names & Links to Projects:

Ah Muoy, M. H. [Shops]

Ashworth, T. R. [Universal Chambers]

Askew. See Twentyman & Askew.

Barnet, Nahum. [APT Theatre] [Francis Pharmacy] [Britannia Theatre] [Connibere's] [Roughton's] [Elizabeth House] [Coates Bldg]

Bates, Edward Albert. [Melbourne Library] [Robert Reid's] [Newman's].

See also Bates, Peebles & Smart and Hyndman & Bates.

Bates, Peebles & Smart. [Univ Porch] [Melbourne Library] [Buckley & Nunn's] [D & W Murray] [Watson's].

See also Reed, Smart & Tappin and Smart, Tappin & Peebles.

Baxter, archt? [Foy & Gibson, Adelaide]

Billing Peck & Kemter. [Grandstand] [Retaining Wall]

Billing Son & Peck. [Albany Chambers] [Banks & Co] [Stuart's]

Bindley, S. E. (PWD) [Brindley?] [Warracknabeal PO] [Govt Printing Office]

Blackett, William Arthur Morley. [Raveloe] [Essendon Town Hall]

Brindley. (PWD) [Bindley?] [Central Tel Exchange]

Brittingham, S. C. District Architect, PWD. [Central Telephone Exchange]

Burley Griffin, Walter. [APT theatre]

Butler, Walter R. [Bililla] [Queensland House] [Cranleigh] [Garage floor] [Colac & Yarram Banks] [Preston Reservoir photos]

See also Butler & Bradshaw and Inskip & Butler.

Butler & Bradshaw. [Mission to Seamen] [Rochester Bank] [Collins House]

Campbell, William M. [Dental Hospital]

Clark, J. J. & E. E. [NMLA Ballarat]

Counsell, F. H. [D & J Fowler] [Furniture Warehouse]

Crawford, H. R. [Osboldstone's] [Snider's & Abraham's]

Cutler, PWD archt? [Warracknabeal PO]

D'Ebro, C. A. [Slaughterhouse] [Dudley St Walls] [City Abattoirs] [Patent challenge] [Benevolent Asylum] [Murtoa Abattoirs] [Gippsland Bacon] [Darwin project] [Abattoirs Tanks, Dry Ck, Adelaide]

Dancker. [Menz's]

Davies & Claridge. [Bagot's] [Morris Residence]

Davies, Clarence and Edward. (Adelaide) [Payneham]

Davies, Felix. [Hewitt House]

Davies, Francis J. [BATC 1] [Condell's] [BATC kitchen] [BATC Stewart St 1] [BATC extension] [BATC Stewart St 2] [BATC shelter] [Dunlop Bldg]

De Lacy Evans, George. [balcony proposal] [Malthouse floors] [Chastleton] [Empire Bldgs] [Walker's]

Eggleston & Oakley. [Collins House extension]

English & Soward. ['Soward's floors'] [Angas Residence] [SA Chambers]

Fick, P. G. [factory, Birregurra]

Flanagan, L. J. [Malvern Tram Depot]

Forster, W. B. [Russell's]  [Grant's]

Foster. [APT theatre] [Factory]

Fritsch, Augustus Andrew. [Church domes project]

Garlick & Jackman. [Kither's] [Register Bldg] [Bowman's] [Jackman's Cafe] [Wondergraph] [Verco's] [D & J Fowler's] [Day's Walls] [Taylor Residence]

Gibbs & Finlay. [Meat Market] [George Hotel] [Craig Williamson's]

Godfrey & Spowers. [Melbourne Grammar 1] [Melbourne Grammar 2]

Grainger, John. (Father of Percy Grainger the musician.) [Collins House] [Savings Bank]

Grainger & Little. [Herald Bldg] [Savings Bank] [Herald roof] [Gippsland Coop] [factory, Toora] [factory, Trafalgar] [Elizabeth House]

Grainger Kennedy & Little. [Abraham's] [Novitiate] [Convent] [Collins House]

Halligan. (Sydney) [BATC Sydney]

Henderson, Anketell Matthew. Architect and Engineer. [Leura] [Alfred Hospital]

See also Henderson A & K.

Henderson, Kingsley Anketell. Son of A. M. Henderson. See Henderson A & K.

Henderson A & K. [Brooks Robinson] [Hicks Atkinson]

Hyndman & Bates. [Robert Reid]

Inskip and Butler. [factory floors] [Chambers]

See also 'Butler, W. R.' and 'Butler & Bradshaw'.

Jackman, Herbert Louis. See Garlick & Jackman.

Jackman, Sidney [Wondergraph]

Jackman, Syd [Savings Bank]

Kemter, G. A. [Albany Chambers].

See also Billing Peck & Kemter and Peck & Kemter.

Kent, Budden & Greenway. (Sydney) [Williamson Theatre]

Kernot, Percy W. [Dental Hospital]

King, R. M. [Lincoln Stuart's]

Kerr, H. J. Acting District Archt PWD. [Geological Museum]

Klingender & Alsop. [Collins House] [APT theatre]

Leith, G. B. [Brougham's] [Methodist Book Depot] [Paddle Bros]

Leith, C. Burridge. [Paddle Bros]

Marryat, C. H. [Malcolm Reid's]

Marsden, J. H. Government Architect, PWD of Victoria. [Govt Printing Office]

MacKnight, A. C. [factory, Springhurst]

MacMichael or McMichael, Eric H. [Verco's 1] [Verco's 2] [Cornell's]

Meldrum. [Murtoa Abattoirs]

Morton, H. E. (Captain). City Architect and Building Surveyor, Melbourne. [City Abattoirs] [BATC1] [Melbourne Town Hall addns] [Spencer St Power Stn] [Lincoln Stuart] [Condell's] [Mitchell Bldg 2] [Grant's] [Electric Co Offices] [Destructor floor] [Novitiate] [Russell's] [Albany Chambers] [Banks & Co] [McCracken's] [Stuart's] [Collins House] [City Abattoirs extn] [Centre Way] [Cannon's] [SA Bldg Regs] [Walker's] [Connibere's] [BATC Shelter] [Wool Exchange] [Wardrop's] [Denyer's] [Collins House extns] [Elizabeth House] [steel vs r.c.] Yarra Banks

See also Bank Place Chambers, although Morton is not mentioned specfically in our notes in connection with that building.

Oakden & Ballantyne. [MMBW Plan Room] [NZ Wool Store]

Ogg. See Sydney Smith & Ogg.

Oldham & Cox. (Perth) [Chambers]

Owen, Lt-Col. [Central Telephone Exchange] [NSW PWD Store]

Parsons, Geo. & Sons. [Grimwade floor]

Peck & Kemter. [Craigie's]

See also Billing Peck & Kemter and Kemter, G. A.

Peebles, N. G. [Melbourne Library (SLV)] [Music Conservatorium].

See also Smart, Tappin & Peebles and Bates, Peebles & Smart.

Pitt, William. [Wondergraph] [Spinks & Alley] [Williamson theatre]

Plottel, J. [Kosminsky's]

Purchas & Teague.
(Major) Alfred Purchas. Guyon Purchas.
[AMLF Kensington stores] [AMLF offices] [Fairlie] [AMLF Woolstore 2] [Royal Bank strongroom] [Veranda Arch] [McCracken's] [AE&M] [Wool Exchange]

Purnell, A. W. [Neville's] [Gibbs Bros]

Reed, Joseph. [Melbourne Library (SLV)].

See also Reed, Smart & Tappin.

Reed, Smart & Tappin. [Church domes] [ESA Bank].

See also Smart, Tappin & Peebles and Bates, Peebles & Smart.

Salier, D G. [Commercial Bank, Launceston]

Schreiber, R. [Cannon's]

Sedgefield (of Smith & Ogg). [Rocke's] [Hicks Atkinson]

Sibley, H. E. W. [brewery, Walkerville]

Smart, F. J. and Smart, C. P. [Melbourne Library (SLV)]

See also Reed, Smart & Tappin and Smart, Tappin & Peebles.

Smart, Tappin & Peebles. [Ballarat Cathedral] [Dissecting Room, Univ.]

Smith, S. [Ackman's]

Smith & Ogg: see 'Sydney Smith & Ogg'.

Soward, George. ['Soward's floors'] [SA Chambers]

See also English & Soward.

Stapley, Frank. [AA Company] [Malthouse floors] [Dunkling's]

Stroud, Mr. (rep. of archt?) [Carlton Brewery]

Sydney Smith & Ogg. [Rocke's] [Carlton Brewery] [Victoria Brewery] [Alliance] [Hicks Atkinson]

Teague. [Willis & Co]

See also Purchas & Teague.

Thomas Watts & Son. See 'Watts & Son'.

Tompkins, H. W. & F. B. (Harry W Tompkins.) [Australian Pill] [Benjamin's] [Payne's] [Centre Way] [Commercial Travellers] [Commerce House] [Myer's] [Denyer's]

Tunbridge, Colonel. (Walter Howard Tunbridge.) [Arnside] [Grant's 2] [Cresco's]

Tunbridge & Tunbridge. [Bank Place] [Grant's]

Twentyman & Askew. [Block Arcade]

Ussher, Beverley. [Dr Ham's]

Ussher & Kemp. [Rubira's Cafe]

Vahland & Beebe (of Bendigo). [hotel, Lorne]

Vernon. (Sydney) [NSW PWD Store]

Watson, Colonel. Chief Government Architect, PWD of Victoria. [Geological Museum] [Central Cool Stores] [Titles Office] [Art School, Working Mens College]

Watts & Son. (Thomas Watts & Son) [De Graves] [Miller's 2] [Hylands] [Ch. of Holy Angels]

Wells, Alfred. [Simpson's] [Bank of Adelaide roof] [Poole's]

Williams & Good. [Tivoli deck, Adelaide]

Whitaker, R. B. [Craig's Lane]

Wood. (PWD) [Central Telephone Exchange]

Wood. (archt?) [Wunderlich's]

Wright, C. E. [balcony proposals] [George Hotel]

Wright, Ernest. [Empire Bldgs] [Walker's]