John Monash: Engineering enterprise prior to WW1.

Factory for Monier pipes and other precast products, Burnley Street North, Richmond.

1. Sections of reinforced concrete pipe stored in the yard of the Richmond factory, dominated by a derrick crane. 2. Display of precast products, mainly circular and ovoid pipe sections.

1. Yard with derrick crane and precast products. University of Melbourne Archives, RCMPC Collection, GPNB/1245.
2. From the Company brochure, 1907, courtesy of Mr A. G. Lynch.

The Monier Pipe Company was formed in Melbourne in 1901. In 1905 the design-and-construct operations of Monash & Anderson were brought together with the MPC factory to form the 'Reinforced Concrete & Monier Pipe Construction Company' (known in these web pages as RCMPC).

Many people continued to refer to the factory as MPC for years afterwards. Others dealing with the design-and-construct operations of RCMPC, such as architects and municipal engineers, commonly referred to it as the 'Reinforced Concrete Company'.

Images of the factory in UMA.

There are many historic images of the factory and its products in the Reinforced Concrete & Monier Pipe Co. Collection at the University of Melbourne Archives. Images available online have Location Numbers BWP/23762, 24352, 24353, 24354, 23997, 23998, 23999, 24177, and 24180.

There are many more images of the factory and its products in the Collection at UMA:

David Mitchell's Cement Works at Richmond.

Cement from Mitchell's works in Richmond played a large part in Monash's engineering career before WW1. The photograph below shows the rotary kiln for burning cement clinker at Richmond.

See text.

Photo: The Australasian, 7 April 1906, p.808,
courtesy Harriet Edquist.

Never in Lilydale. In 1908 David Mitchell wrote a letter to the editor of The Richmond Guardian: "A paragraph in your issue of 12th inst. contains a statement to the effect that these cement works were removed from Lilydale and set up in Richmond. This is incorrect. The works were erected, as a pioneer industry, in their present position in 1889, and have been in operation ever since." This was published in the edition of 19 December 1908.

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