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Notes relevant to JM's Management

Job Descriptions

John Monash's duties with the South Australian Reinforced Concrete Co.

Specific & General Duties of Consulting Engineer.

  1. General supervision of the work of the Company's Engineer [see below], in all technical and professional matters.
  2. General supervision of Works Management.
  3. Determining the general basis and policy of the engineering design of all works undertaken by the Company.
  4. Advising the Directors upon any matter of Engineering policy submitted for his opinion.
  5. Advising and giving directions to the Company's Engineer upon all matters of every kind which the latter may submit.
  6. Making estimates for and rendering quotations and tenders for all work, upon data collected and furnished by the Company's Engineer.
  7. Carrying on superior negotiations with customers and clients upon all matters in which the Directors consider that the Company's Engineer has insufficient experience.

W W Harvey's duties as Resident Engineer of the SARC Co.

Specific & General Duties of the Company's Engineer.

  1. To act as Chief Executive Officer of the Company - subject to control only by the Directors and the Consulting Engineer [JM].
  2. In that capacity to have control of all Works Management, all works foremen, all design work, all professional matters, and also control of all clerical or other assistance that may be provided for him for purposes of his Department.
  3. To prepare all designs, detail drawings, and working sketches.
  4. To make up estimates and valuations for progress and final payments on contracts.
  5. To prepare and issue all materials requisitions and generally supervise their execution - but not to act directly as buyer unless required to do so by the Directors.
  6. To collect and prepare data for estimates for all quotations and tenders to be given by the Company, and submit same to the Consulting Engineer.
  7. To refer all matters on which he requires advice to the Consulting Engineer.
  8. To render to the Consulting Engineer, periodically, such reports and statistics as the latter may require for the purpose of maintaining effective supervision over the Company's operations.
  9. To do everything else requisite to effectively prosecute the Engineering Control of the Company's operations - other than matters expressly reserved for the Consulting Engineer.