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Wall Structures.

Under this heading have been placed free-standing walls resisting the overturning effect of horizontal pressure from water, soil, coal, etc. These are not the most glamorous structures, but their stories contain further insights into Monash's approaches to business and technology. Most of them were conventional 'retaining walls', rigidly attached to a flat base slab to provide stability. However, Monash adopted a different system for most of his swimming pool projects. His experience with the two systems is therefore covered in two different stories swimming pools and retaining walls. For quick reference to some of the major projects see the links listed below.

St Peter's College Baths, Adelaide.Sep 1906.Story
Fitzroy Baths.Feb 1907-08.Story
Essendon Swimming Baths (Project).1911, July 1913.Story
Notes on the engineering of the swimming pools. Story
Preston No.2 Reservoir.Feb 1908-09.Story.
Lovely Banks Reservoir (project).May 1909.Story
Adelaide Gas Works Coal Store (project).Jan 1910.Story
Geological Museum Retaining Wall.May 1910Story
Show Grounds Retaining Wall.1913.Story

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Marine and Riverine Structures.

Cunninghame Foreshore Wall (Project).Oct 1900.Story
Point Lonsdale Lighthouse (project)Dec 1899 - Jan 1901Story
Gellibrand Lightship (project).Feb 1905.Story
Port Melbourne Pier proposals.Mar 1906 onwards.Story
Queenscliff Foreshore Wall (project).May 1906.Note
Glanville Wharf, Port Adelaide.May 1906 to December 1909.Story
Ocean Steamers' Wharf, Port Adelaide (project).Nov 1906 and Dec 1909.Story
Yarra Bank Improvements.Sep 1906 to Jul 1912.Story
Monash and the Adams patent 'trestle' wall.Dec 1906 onwards.Story
Glenelg Breakwater (not completed).July 1907 then Feb 1908 to end 1909.Story
Sorrento Sea Wall (project).Nov 1907 - Apr 1908; Jun - Sep 1912.Story
1. Port River Pontoon.
2. Proposed Barge for Mt Lyell Co.
3. Proposed Barges for River Murray.
1. Nov 1908 to Mar 1910.
2. May - June 1910.
3. Apr - July 1914.
1. Pontoon
2. Mt Lyell
3. Murray R
St Kilda Breakwater (project).Nov 1910 to Jan 1911.Story
Birkenhead Wharf, Port Adelaide (project).Feb 1911.Story
Marine Parade Sea Wall, St Kilda (project).June to July 1912.Story

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Industrial Projects.

Gas Works, South Melbourne. Coal Stage and Retaining Wall.1907-08.Not written up.
Warehouses, factories, abattoirs, breweries, etc.1892-Scroll through the Building Pages.

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Water Supply, Drainage, Pipes, etc.

Pipe Factory.Established 1901.Photos & Notes
Subways for irrigation canals.1907-1909.Story and photos.
Various town water supply and drainage projects.1892-Not written up.

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