John Monash: Engineering enterprise prior to WW1.

Typical two-span T-girder bridge.

The deck is shown with four main girders, acting integrally with the slab. For the remainder, please refer to the text.

The sketch shows a typical two-span version of the 'T-girder' or 'beam-and-slab' bridge as built by RCMPC.
The deck has been partly cut-away to reveal a pier consisting of strip footing, four columns, and a cross-girder or crosshead. In some bridges, RCMPC filled the gaps between the columns with a thin wall to prevent trees getting caught during times of flood.
The left hand approach embankment has been omitted to show a typical RCMPC abutment with strip footing and columns. A lateral wall integral with the columns, together with wing walls, constrained the earth of the embankment.
See also sketches of piers and footings.

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