John Monash: Engineering enterprise prior to WW1.

Monier Arch Precedent:
Sewage aqueduct over Johnstone's Creek, Annandale, near Sydney.
Built by Carter Gummow & Co., 1896. Engineering design by W. J. Baltzer.

Photo. The low-rise Monier arches are carried on thick-set piers. The box-like aqueduct is supported on cross-walls which rise from the arches. The shallow valley is now parkland and the structure is white.

Photo: Sept. 2003. Approximate Coordinates: -33.88, 151.176
Restoration work was carried out in 1997. This included removal of loose surface concrete and replacement with pneumatically sprayed mortar. (Civil Engineers Australia, Nov. 1997, 34-5.)

Drawing. Longitudinal elevation. Description as for photograph.

Portion of a drawing of Johnstone's Creek Aqueduct from the paper by Davis, 'Sewerage Systems of Sydney, NSW', Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers CXLVIII, Session 1901-1902, Part II. (See also Proceedings of the Engineering Association of NSW, 1895-6.)

White's Creek Aqueduct.

A similar structure (coordinates -33.8776, 151.168) crosses nearby White's Creek, carrying the same sewer. The Johnstone's Creek structure has nine major spans, the White's Creek structure has eight. For most of its length is closer to the ground.

A historic image of the White's Creek Aqueduct is held in the University of Melbourne Archives with Location Number BWP/23863.

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